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About the author...omy gosh that sounds so weird. My English teachers and just about anyone would be in complete SHOCK that I have a published book. Don't worry I am too. But that is how I know that it was not me, this was sooooo God. He wanted to make sure as many people could get hold of the TRUTH and FREEDOM I have. 

I am NOT a victim for I am a VICTOR of sexual abuse and my passion is to change the many victims to an army of VICTORS. 



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Agape International Missions 

Sex trafficking is as real as rain on a rainy day. My husband and I's mission in life is to see women and men living in freedom. As a result, we have chosen to partner with organizations with similar passions. 


Agape International Missions' focus is on stopping the cycle of sex trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia and Belize by preventing human trafficking and rescuing

restoring, and reintegrating survivors.


There are not many organizations who treat the symptoms and the problem at the same time. Agape International Missions is one such organization. I challenge you to click the link below and check out their website to learn more and how you can help!