If you have not followed our story God told Kaleb and I to move to British Columbia two years ago. We didn't know where in BC, why or when to move. As the months kept going by God kept giving us more clarity on what we were supposed to do. We were planning on moving in June 2021 but then God told us late August to move December 2020...now we had to drop all our building plans and trust that God would provide for something else. Well He supernaturally provided for our down-payment and we got our dream home.

But most likely you know all of that... you are most likely family and friends.

We love every single one of you and wanted to make sure we fill you guys in on our adventure as if you were there or like a chat over the phone.


We thought we would have more time for goodbyes ...

It was cutting it close; we had to move in less than two months and we still didn't have a house. The stress was REAL people. Buying a home so far away and never being able to see it in person is a whole other level of faith and trust in God. Moving during covid really added on the stress because we knew we would not have proper goodbyes. If you know me you know how much I love hosting parties and getting togethers so it was hard not having a proper goodbye party and a birthday party for Hadassah.

I kept trying to keep busy with packing and getting things done before the big move so I didn't have to think about the goodbyes. Unfortunately goodbyes are inevitable and honestly I felt guilty to be excited to leave and see our new home. Yet the closer the move was getting, the harder it was saying goodbye to our closest friends and family. I remember having a little panic attack realizing we are doing this and what it all meant. My sister-in-love Olivia was pregnant with twins, my brother had finally found the woman of his dreams and Kaleb's best friend from high school was getting married all in 2021. We were now about to miss out on the whole journey. It's like why move us now? But you do what God tells you to do and you just trust that He has it covered. We kept our focus on what was ahead.

Pack...Pack...Packtrick DAY

December 26th came and the only option we had were two trailers. Kaleb was pulling a 6x12 trailer and I was pulling a 8x9 trailer. That was all we had to move EVERYTHING we owned. We had to pick them up at different locations and I almost didn't make it out of the parking lot. I got stuck trying to pull the trailer out of the ditch with my front wheel drive suv. There was so much ice and snow that day but an hour later I made it out and met Kaleb at home. We started to pack right away but getting to the end of packing we noticed we didn't have room for anything else and we still had boxes, toys, furniture and so many things that no matter how hard we tried it would not fit.

I tried so hard to keep a positive attitude but as soon as we couldn't fit the girls wooden measuring board, my jewelry mirror box and things we had just bought that year I LOST it. The vehicles were so full already but I didn't care I started opening boxes and just started to throw things in gaps...took all my beautiful jewelry and just put it in Ziplock bags and threw them in, our chandelier I told God you are making this fit and somehow it did in the front

seat. Started to throw all our hangers wherever they landed it was okay with me as long as it went with us. It got to the point that we could not fit even a Kleenex box in my car let alone a pillow it was so full.

After that I took a look at everything that still was left over and that I could not fit anymore. I could feel the tears coming... So I had to run and hide in the basement and cry to the Lord. (let's be honest I cry about everything so this is no surprise that I would cry) But my cry was "Lord they are just things, we are not staying back or delaying the time of this move because of things...but daddy it hurts leaving the stuff behind I know you have got us covered." That He sure did. My family took all our stuff and my friends took some more and between them we have sold most of our things to get some cash to buy new things over here. We have been able to ship important belongings over for FREE. That's right FREE the airline did not charge us for anything - if I would have known that I would have sent more things haha!


That night we said goodbye to our daughters on Haddie's birthday because we would not see them in 10 days. They got to stay with Papa and Nonna for that time and didn't miss us at ALL which was so comforting to us.

The morning came and we barely slept, got up around 4am and said goodbye to Kaleb's parents (VERY HARD) that's all I will say about that.


We were on track to make it to thunder bay (14 hour drive was what we had calculated). We were having a perfect drive until we hit Terrace Bay around 5pm and it was just all black ice. My first time driving a trailer and if you have ever gone through Northern Ontario you know the hills and turns on the roads. It was honestly so scary as I was driving behind Kaleb and I would just watch him spin out and go into the in oncoming traffic and know I was next. I think my steering wheel had dents on how hard I was holding on to it! I called my mom right away. She was our traffic control, told us weather reports, booked our hotels and such. I asked her to just read to me scripture and not stop. As she did that I was reminded in my spirit of the scripture where God told the disciples to go across the sea and a storm came and they woke Jesus up to calm the storm. Jesus did but then told them of little faith.(Matthew 8:23-27) So I told God I wont wake you up, I trust when you say GO you will get us there safely. I rebuked the devil and commanded the weather to clear up because we lost 4 hours. Now we were projected to arrive at Thunder Bay around 12am. Exactly how we prayed the weather cleared up and we made it! Closer to 1am is when we made it to the hotel room and Kaleb and I started thanking God and literally I just passed out as we were praying and we slept in the next morning.

The rest of the drive was easy, dry clean roads and we made it to our destinations on time and safe.

By the time we made it to Edmonton on day 3 it was time to meet our little Tikka. She is a Norwegian Elkhound. The girls had no idea about her yet, but we figured we have a lot to look forward to in the move and things to keep us busy. But the girls and Zeke have nothing they can get excited about and help them with the transition. What could we do to fix it ...A PUPPY DUH!

So we picked her up and she was not a big fan of Zeke at the start but we had to stick her in with Zeke so we could get going on our drive. When all of a sudden Kaleb radios me over saying "I just felt them moving around can you go check them." I hopped down the car and ran over and YAP Tikka had jumped out of her box with pillows to join Zeke. And Zeke had no idea where to sit because she stole his spot. So they have been besties ever since then. She goes everywhere Zeke goes and tries to do everything he does. When Zeke barks at coyotes or any kind of threat he thinks is a threat Tikka goes at it too, even though she has no idea what she is barking at.

Day 4 we finally made it to Jasper and we saw a bunch of bighorn sheep on the road and coming up to the cars and licking the roads. We didn't want to stop because they are wild animals so we just slowly drove away and finally made it HOME!

As we made it home we had a welcoming committee and I got so side tracked at the beauty of our house that I got myself stuck on the driveway. (Seems like a regular occurrence haha) But our welcoming committee got me out. I was impressed at how beautiful the house was in person. We walked through the whole house and then started the hard work...unloading everything and unpacking before the girls got HOME.


Finally the 10 days came and it was time for me to do a 14 hour drive to pick them up. 7 hours each way. I did the drive alone and at that point 7 hours didn't feel like a big deal having driven 48 hours just a week before. The girls had a great flight and I couldn't stop kissing them when I saw them. They were so tired they had a great nap on the way home. As you can see the video I attached we saw more bighorn sheep, this time I had someone to take a video as we drove past them. Exactly how it was in Jasper. (Yes, I was on the phone in the video haha)

When we made it home, the first thing Haddie said when she got inside was. "Is this my new home?" I said " Yes Princess it is" Haddie in her cute excited voice says "I love my new house can I go see my playroom" So I guess the puppy wasn't that big of a deal for her as it was for Sadie. (We predicted that perfectly)

We have a lot of projects ahead of us to get this house up to code and the way we want it. We have dreams and visions for the future of this home. Kaleb and I will be doing a vlog starting in the spring/summer about starting a homestead from scratch. (Yes, you read right Kaleb... he is actually very excited about this)

We have arrived in a little town where everyone knows everyone and everyone is so welcoming and has a pure and innocent love for God. We are so excited and honoured to be a part of what God will be doing in this town.

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