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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Are you a mamma-to-be or a believing mamma?

I really hope my pregnancy stories help you! Especially if you are a mamma-to-be because I will also be putting up things I recommend and things that are just a waste of $$-(not in this blog but on the next.) Off the bat I will let you know this is a LONG blog...lots of back story!

I am going to start with Hadassah, not only because she was the first but also because she was the most complicated pregnancy I had. Kaleb and I where both told at a young age that we would not have kids. If we did, it would be after trying for a long LONG time. I was devastated when I got the news, my only dream growing up was to be a mom. (I was only 16 when I got the news.) The year after I gave my life to Jesus, I started to believe and pray over my stomach and fertility...prayers that I would not WANT answered right away I was 17 at the time)... I needed to get married first! But fast forward to getting engaged a few months before we said I DO we talked about both our infertility issues and decided we would just adopt when the time came.

That's the back story

After being married for 5 months I started to not feel so good, and well you can put two and two together - we were PREGNANT! I didn't find out until I was 2 month pregnant (so 7 months married) and when we did find out we almost lost her twice. With bleeding issues ...that in itself was such a hard roller coaster trying to having faith that God would keep her safe.

But as we stood in faith for her, we went in for our 20 week check up and the nurse looked concerned and became very quiet. I was trying to get information from her but she said the Doctor would contact us. A moment you should be so excited, we got a call from the doctor not even 1 hour later - saying we needed to come to his office the next morning. That's when we were told that she probably would not make it because they found what looked like a whole in her lung. WELL we did not take that news, I remember Kaleb saying "we choose to believe in Gods promise not what the facts may be screaming at us right now." (So grateful for such a mighty man of God.) We had to then go to Sick kids in Toronto to get a better reading on the situations...long story short on the first appointment they told us that she would make it through, but it would be a very complicated delivery, I would have to come to Toronto every week for a check up and would have to plan for my delivery in Toronto. We lived around 1.5 hours away from the hospital. This was sooooo not ideal especially being due around Christmas. But weeks became months and they finally approved for me to have Hadassah in our hospital. This was the best news EVER. Especially after every week standing in faith not knowing what would happen.

Actual Delivery

Being Mexican and being the first granddaughter in my extended family to have kids all my Mexican family came up to meet baby (some a whole month before my due date and some 2 weeks before)...they were leaving to go back home on the 26th. I went soooo over my due date that they had to induce me on the 25th of December and I had Hadassah December 26th 5:51 am - BOXING DAY! (wahoo great shopping deals) so my family was able to meet Hadassah before they left back home in the knick of time.

I had a very quick delivery everything went amazing apart from the fact that I was getting blood clots and started to bleed out. But no worries...that got easily fixed after the Dr reached inside of me and pulled out the blood clots, giving me a few shots and a catheter. Nothing extreme or anything. I did need to stay at the hospital for a few days after and really didn't get back to my normal self until 2 weeks later. I did it all with laughing gas and flirting with the Dr. (so glad I never did/do drugs!)

Giving birth is not as scary as people make it out to be, there is no screaming needed. I think in my mind I thought it would be the worst experience EVER! From watching movies and hearing horror stories. But that was sooo not the case. I read this book- Super natural child birth- WOW what a game changer I totally recommend you to read it. Really deals with the fears that you will be going through. Keeping your mind focused on God's promises makes the world of a difference. I kept praying and speaking in tongues the whole time during my pregnancy. Kaleb says I didn't that I was just flirting with the Dr. and congratulating the nurses and Doctors on their amazing job in pushing out the baby! But in my mind and heart I was focused on Jesus.

A few things that are MUST to pack in your Hospital bag

  • Adult Diapers

  • Just one outfit for baby-stays without clothes until you take baby home

  • 2 pairs of clothes for you

  • Nipple cream!

Hope you enjoyed this SUPER long blog. Will be expanding in another blog on everything I packed and how to save $$.

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