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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

BC Road Trip - Tips

So you are either one of two types of people, you either LOVE road trips or you don't. It's totally fine whichever category you land in, just that LOVING road trips makes you a much better person! 😉 

  I always dreamed of doing road trips with my friends and well that NEVER happened, so too fix that I married someone that would...haha well that was not the only reason - also because he had dreamy eyes let's be real! 

So for our 1st year anniversary we drove all the way to HYDER ALASKA from Ontario, so if you don't know how far that is... let me tell you... it is a 49 hour drive! With NO STOPS and only ONE way, so a total of 98 hours, we took 2 weeks to drive out and explore! ...then the following two years we drove out to BC once with all my in-loves, my mom, 1.5 year old and our new born baby, then our third time going was just earlier this year just our little family and huge dog! So in our 4 years of marriage we would have done 4 HUGE road trips together. You are probably doing your math and going...wait I think that's only 3 trips! Well you are RIGHT good math! We did only do 3 but at the end of 2020 we are actually moving to BC sooo excited! That in itself is a whole other BLOG! 

Want Tips?

If you are like me and LOVE road trips and either have done many or none at all I want to share with you some tips we have found 😁

Tip 1:

Don't pack more then what you need, you need to take so much already so don't over pack ...less is more! First trip we took a big basket for entertainment (things to do when we got bored) never even looked in the basket. 2nd trip took less and third trip just took my journal. 

Tip 2:

 JOURNAL it is so fun! I love writing down were we stayed for the night, our adventure for the day, and note down the wild animal count, because TRUST me you will forget the little details! 

Tip 3:

HAIR/WASHROOM: Give yourself boxer braids you will thank me later! Makes sure you don't get greasy as quickly, no knots and you look tidy! ...Once the braids start to look a tad unruly I would take it apart, put some cocoa powder on my roots and do it all over again! I would last up to 5-6 days without washing my hair. To feel fresh buy baby wipes and use them ALL OVER!!!! -Body/face you feel so good after. ALMOST as if you had just taken a shower.

Tip 4:

BABY WIPES- they are a MUST the best ones are Kirkland brand from Costco...they are stronger then other brands. You will use them like I said ☝️... BUT you can use them for so much more! Like wiping your dishes/cutlery during your drive so you are not putting them away dirty, the usual uses if you are traveling with kids, wiping messes in the vehicle because you will get some ...etc ...the list is ENDLESS! 

Hope you enjoyed some of my tips let me know if you have more! I will be sharing more tips and different products I really like and some that are just not worth the $$

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