Its Been a While

Just like that we have been in BC for 6 months! How did that happen?!

I am amazed at how fast time goes - how fast it has been going. The move has been very difficult - challenging but also very rewarding. We have been extremely busy, which in a way I think its a huge blessing. It has allowed me not to think too much about the move and missing people. We have had so much to do around the house...a few surprises, and a few we knew in advance.


In the past 6 months we have redone a bathroom top to bottom, redone all the electrical in the house, new trim, put in doors, built garden beds, planted all our seeds, redone some plumbing, fenced the dogs in, started cleaning up the property, and added chickens and turkeys to the mix. When we got here in the winter we had a fun surprise. Our furnace had stopped working and that is a whole LONG story of its own. But the short story is the previous owner paid someone to say it was working when it wasn't. (Proof of a working furnace was part of our conditions in buying the house). Anywho, the house got so cold that it got down to -3 in our bedroom and the play room. Kaleb would like to say only went down to +1, but I am right haha!

With no furnace and it getting -40 outside, our pipes froze and we had no water for a week. I had to grab snow and melt it over the woodstove to do dishes and such. Showers where done at a friend's house. We even moved our mattress to the living room where we had the wood stove. The girls had a heater in their bedroom, so they were fine, don't worry.

We got so blessed by the people here they gave us so much wood to last us almost the entire winter. Without that I am not sure how we would have managed. We will be having someone come over to install a new furnace this fall...YAY!

Kaleb broke his thumb while he was cutting wood to hold us up the rest of the winter. Nail is almost grown in. It's taken 4 months.


One nice thing of winter was the northern lights for SURE!


To be honest the move got very hard for both Kaleb and I near the end of winter and start of spring. We were missing out on Kaleb's best high school friend's wedding and our handsome newborn twin nephews. Probably everyone reading this will know that the girls and I were able to go down to Ontario and meet the twins and see the families and friends. That beautiful Olivia did an amazing job at the delivery room and Jake and her are doing a great job already as new parents!

But back to my story, the newness of the move started to wear off and we started to miss our family and friends. I asked God if we were ever gonna make friends or if this was going to be a new season of just us as a family. There just was no sign of hope for friendships. But then ... we found some amazing friends, and some adopted family too. We have been adopted into the beautiful Cruse family and they sure treat us like family. They genuinely love our girls and we love them back. We met this older couple that look like they are in their 60s, but NOPE they are in their 80s. The Wilsons, they are the ones that blessed us with all the wood and even a chain saw for Kaleb. Even the girls have found a great little friend.


So, after the pipes freezing in -40 in the winter, last weekend we had record breaking heat. It was in the 40s for 3 days straight so the girls and I have practically moved in to the creek. Not too many places can say they have 80 degree (C) temperature swings between seasons!

We also have not been able to cut our 11.5 acres of grass and other green stuff...who knows what it might be. This whole entire spring/summer, we invested in a riding mower and, well, riding mowers are for even ground...let's put it that way. Most parts of the property, the grass/green stuff has gotten taller than me, and other parts are up to my waist. Which means I do not go anywhere that has not been pressed down by the truck. It will be so nice when its finally cut in two weeks from now. We returned the mower and bought a tractor instead. This will help us for plowing snow, cutting grass and all other future adventures with making this house into a ranch to self sustain us. The grass has been so tall that we have a few deer living in the pasture area. It is so fun for the girls to see deer so close. We have also seen a bear cub and its momma walking through our property and the cub climbing a tree. Zeke went into his protective mode, so I had to drag him away from the area where the bears were so the cub would rejoin momma. She didn't want anything to do with him, but was being a good mom and wouldn't leave her baby behind. It was very hard to get Zeke away...he does weigh 170lb after all. Kaleb stayed and watched to see when the cub would come down the tree and leave peacefully with momma bear.

Some new additions to our ranch - 26 chickens and 5 turkeys. We have lost 6 hens because they walked off the cliff and fell into the creek. They are not the smartest animals God created. Now we have finished their home so haven't lost any hens since. Why do I only mention hens? We killed the roosters already haha.


Kaleb and I have been exploring the area as things have gotten more and more open here in BC. We keep finding the best little spots to go fishing someday, doing hikes and exploring little towns. If you have a second you should look up Barkerville. We will be going there in a few weeks when the weather is a bit more manageable for the girls. It is a town that has been preserved from the 1800s and it is in perfect condition. The people that work there even dress up and will talk to you like back in the day. That is just totally up my alley!

These are just a few of our many updates of everything that has been keeping us busy these past 6 months. We have lots more to do before winter comes, like tearing down the shop and building some fun projects, like a greenhouse, driveshed and barn. Kaleb says it's a good thing we know somebody with a lumber mill, because all these projects would be way too expensive otherwise!

We are loving it and also finding it challenging at times as our families and friends are not with us to share all these things with us. But we know God had a reason to move us and we keep believing He will reveal the full picture in due time.

Thanks for reading and walking with us in this journey. I do these blogs for family & friends for its hard to call every single one of you and not forget some things. We love and miss you ALL

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