First comes LOVE then Comes marriage...

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I used to day dream about my wedding day and wonder what my dress would look like and the colours I would want...but as soon as I would think about the husband part and actual marriage I would get so discouraged and would just stop thinking about it. In my mind I had convinced myself I would never get married, for how could I ever trust the guy if my own father betrayed me? I would never have kids so there was never any risk for them. (Even though it was my dream to be a mom.) Amazing how fear can keep us away from what God wants for us huh?! Because as soon as I gave my life to Jesus God started to transform my thinking and started to give me hope for the man of my dreams.

How did I know?

I used to ask this question all the time to people I looked up too. They always said well you will just know. I was like WHAT but isn't their more? As a single person you are like "oh come on their must be more." So if you are single yes there is a tad more that you can do to know is he/she the one?

First- Have your prayed about it? sounds so simple but it is that simple. Have you talked to your parents about it and what do they say? Parents have been given wisdom from God and always want what is best for you. (Obviously where their is no relationship with a parent this may not be the case.) Have you fasted and actually told your flesh to be quiet so you can properly hear Gods voice? Is he/she in-love with God more then you, and not just pretending they are to have you?

Kaleb and I before even dating we took 4 months to pray and make sure we were not going out of feelings into the relationship but actually giving God time to talk to us. We got both his parents and my mom involved and wanted to hear their wisdom. My flesh was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo not wanting to do this, but I am so glad we did because it was the first time I didn't jump in to a relationship. But I actually knew in my heart, spirit and mind he was the one for me. I have not regretted it since!

Marriage is far more then the wedding day, or playing house. The person you marry will be the parent to your children and your partner for life. Make sure he/she is the one that God has chosen for you. ...Excited to share more into our marriage on future blogs...

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